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The Club Colombia experience and the dishes we offer are based on family recipes. Classic Colombian dishes, as well as Latin American grill, compose the menu.


Our food is gluten-free due to it is based on corn and plantain instead of wheat.

In the Latin American grill section, you can find a selection of delicious grilled meats, which you can combine with a select group of authentic ingredients given by our tropical land.

Our cuisine transports us back to our childhood and those special moments with our families back in South America. 

Welcome to this trip back home!


Club Colombia

"If a $2000 flight to Colombia isn’t in your budget, how about a $4.40 tram fare to Queen Street? Club Colombia is as close as you can get to an authentic Colombian experience without travelling to the other side of the world."

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Club Colombia

The pride of being Colombian!

Club Colombia

"Club Colombia is both wowing both the expats and strangers to Colombian cuisine, taken in by the wafts of grilled corn and the lilting sounds of Latin song."


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We promise you will be transporting to Latin America without leaving Australia!

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118 Queen St, Melbourne City


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